Solifugid from Nicaragua

Subject: Solifugid in Nicaragua
Location: Leon, Nicaragua
June 19, 2013 8:48 pm
Hello good people at What’s That Bug?
Jay from San Francisco here again (last year I submitted a photo in August of a neon orange colored Lubber Grasshopper from Ometepe Island in Nicaragua). I’m back in Nicaragua again and I was in my kitchen in Leon when i spotted this 3/4” bug that appears to be a Solifugid of some sort sitting on the sink counter top. I perhaps have answered my own question by identifying it as a Solifugid (looks like a tiny camel spider), but i’m a stickler for species specific identification and would appreciate any help WTB staff can offer (as i tried to identify it on my own with no success). What I know about it in the 5 minutes i observed it is that it was first sitting in the dark (shortly after dusk) and was incredibly still, until an ant bumped it from the rear and it took off at lightning speed. This pic was shot on a Samsung S4 on Jun 19th, 2013. There are many awesome insects in Nicaragua that I hope to be sharing with your staff soon (I know your staff rece ive many requests, so I will limit it to the insects that truly stand out to me). Thank you once again!
Signature: Jay from San Francisco

Solifugid from Nicaragua
Solifugid from Nicaragua

Hi Jay,
Thank you for contributing to our archive of creatures from Nicaragua.  Alas, we are unable to assist with a species identification on this Solifugid.  Even with BugGuide, we are unable to identify North American Solifugids to the species level.  Please include the location Nicaragua in your future submissions.  Summer is an especially heavy submission time and we don’t want to miss your future documentations.

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