Solifugid from Canada

weird spider scorpion thingy :S
Location: Canada, house
March 7, 2011 12:21 am
i was working in the bathroom today removing old grout, and on a piece of sticky tack, i found what i think were spiders (3)…. they had 6 legs and 2 pincers similar to a scorpion or i guess a crab it was idn about 1/8 of an inch and brown obv they were dead n had been there for some time, but i have seen them in my house alive before
what is it?? and should i be concerned
Signature: The Frannuman


Dear Frannuman,
Most of the North American reports of Solifugids, commonly called Sun Spiders or Wind Scorpions, that we receive come from the arid Southwest.  BugGuide indicates sightings from British Columbia.  Solifugids are fierce predators, but since they do not contain venom, they are not considered to be dangerous to humans, though we imagine they might produce a painful bite if carelessly handled.

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