Soldier Fly Perhaps

Unknown Green Fly
This picture taken 2007-09-19 in Kenner (near New Orleans), Louisiana. I have used you site and information but I have been unable to identify this fly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ron M

Hi Ron,
Your fly resembles a species of Soldier Fly pictured on BugGuide, Hedriodiscus binotatus. We are guessing that it is either the same species or something closely related. We hope to get confirmation from Eric Eaton.

Dear Daniel,
the green fly is more likely Odontomyia cincta. But the whole group of Odontomyia, etc is very difficult and there are many open questions and a revision of these beautiful flies is needed. It might be strange for you that I can ID an unusual Australian fly, but that I have problems with a common US species… but there has been not enough good work here and amongst specialist, we think that only 30% of all US Diptera are described… So a lot to do in future… You have a great website and I would love to help you ou with identifications in future! Best wishes,

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