Snowfly is a Wingless Winter Crane Fly

Subject: Bug on snowy mountain in NH
Location: New Hampshire USA
March 3, 2013 9:13 pm
Hello – I spotted this insect last weekend while back country skiing near Jackson NH in the white mountains, elevation 2200 feet. It was walking around on the snow. I was surprised to see an insect active this time of year but perhaps it is common.
Signature: Tom

Wingless Winter Crane Fly
Wingless Winter Crane Fly

Hi Tom,
This is an exciting posting for us.  There are several unrelated insects commonly found on the surface of the snow that are lumped together under the common name Snowflies.  This Wingless Winter Crane Fly, most likely in the genus
Chionea, is a true fly, albeit without wings.  More photos and information can be found at The Backyard Arthropod Project and The Crane Flies of Pennsylvania.  Adaptation to life on the surface of the snow is not very common with insects and arthropods, so we are always excited to post new documentation.  

Thanks Daniel. Let me know if you need any more information about this bug.

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