Snowflies: Small Winter Stoneflies found in the snow!!!

Subject: what is it?
Location: northampton ma
February 11, 2013 9:15 am
Several of these were walking on top of a snowdrift in central-western Massachusetts after the blizzard 02/10/2013. They were about an eighth of an inch long at most. I didn’t realize that bugs could live outside in the winter. Maybe their nest was disturbed by the snow breaking off dead tree limbs or something like that.
Thank you!
PS: They look a lot like the bug drawing on your website here!
Signature: kandy

Small Winter Stoneflies

Hi Kandy,
Not many insects are found in the snow, but these Small Winter Stoneflies which are also known as Snowflies are frequently found on the surface of the snow.  The drawing you refer to is actually an Earwig.

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  1. That’s it. I have a dead tree in my yard, and it’s supposed to snow tonight. I will be outside tomorrow, looking for signs of life. I’m biding my time with birds until spring, and I’m about tired of the cold. Spring can not come quickly enough! Thanks for the very interesting post!

  2. Thank goodness! We saw a LOT of these today and i thought it was another sign that the meek SHALL inherit the earth, as i never knew bugs that cruise around in the snow like that! We are in Owen Sound, Canada. Hey love this sight just found it, will be a regular!!!


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