Snow Fly

Location: Utah, about 6,000 feet
March 5, 2011 11:42 am
This image has been sitting in my file for a a couple of years, waiting to be identified. I’ve looked at images of other snow scorpionflies, and seems to fit the best, but wanted to get your opinion on it.
Thanks for your help.
Signature: Wendy

Snow Scorpionfly

Hi Wendy,
You are absolutely correct.  This is a Snow Scorpionfly in the family Boreidae which you may verify on BugGuide which indicates they are found:  “on surface of snow at high elevations in southern part of range; on snow in various habitats farther north

Correction:  December 2, 2012
We received a comment that is resulting in a correction.  We agree with Marc from the Netherlands that this is a Wingless Crane Fly, not a Scorpionfly.  We found matching images of
Chionea on The Dragonfly Woman as well as BugGuide.

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  1. Hi Wendy, I Think it’s a Chionae sp. a wingless crane fly! NOT a Boreidae. In Holland we got Chionea belgica. Yours is an other (US) species. Regards Marc de Winkel The Netherlands


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