Subject: Long bug with clear wings
Location: San Mateo CA
April 30, 2017 9:29 am
This bug was on our bathroom mirror this week. We have never seen such a bug. When I googled it, I get Mayfly or snake fly. We would like your expert clarification please. We are on the San Francisco Peninsula.
Thank you!
Signature: Curious


Dear Curious,
This is an awesome image of a Snakefly in the order Raphidioptera.  According to BugGuide:  “Both larvae and adults are predatory, though they are capable of catching and killing only small and weak prey. Snakefly larvae feed on eggs and larvae of various insects, as well as adults of minute arthropods (e.g. mites, springtails, barklice, and homopterans). Adults typically prefer aphids but may eat a wide variety of arthropods. Adults take efforts to clean themselves after feeding.”

Hi Daniel,
Thank you! Wow… so cool! I asked all my local friends who grew up here and no one knew. Now we do thanks to you!
Much appreciated.

Location: San Mateo, California

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