Snails from Bali

Hi Daniel,
Once again, greetings from Goa, India.
I am attaching three images here of two very pretty snails from Bali. Feel free to use them if you would like! And if you do know what kinds they are, I would be grateful!
P.S. – I am about to order your book on Amazon! Will let you know once it arrives.


Hi Sucheta,
We must confess that identifying snails is not our strength, but we attempted to do some research.  We found your yellow snail and possible the other Snail on My Growing Passion, but they are not identified.  Bali for Kids also has a photo of your yellow snail, but it is not identified.  We eventually found a FlickR page where it is identified as
Tropis bekicot, but we cannot verify that name.  Perhaps Susan Hewitt will see this post and write in with a comment.



3 thoughts on “Snails from Bali”

  1. I have to say that I am really bad at identifying most tropical snails.

    The pretty yellowish one is a tree snail, and it is a sinistral species, which means that the shell coils in the opposite direction to that of most snails. The “Tropis Bekicot” snail that Daniel found on flickr is dextral, and is not the same at all as this one. But… the yellowish snail on is definitely the same species! Well done Daniel!

    The brownish snail might be the same genus as the brown and blue one shown on But for me it is hard to even hazard a guess as to the family without being able to see what the aperture of the shell looks like. That area can be very hard to see in a live snail; an empty shell is often easier to ID in that respect.

    Tomorrow I will look in R. Tucker Abbott’s “Compendium of Landshells”… but I still may not be able to ID these any better! 🙂

  2. The yellow one is Amphidromus perversus (Linne, 1758). There are several color forms and subspecies. The other is Asperitas rareguttata crebriguttata (Martens, 1867)…


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