Snail Eating Ground Beetle

Oregon beetle, what is it?
I live in Eugene, Oregon and on a recent trip to the coast we were hiking in a mixed (mostly pine) rain-forest on the western side of the coast range we kept seeing these long-legged black beetles with a vivid purple edging around the body. I am curious what these are and whether they are native or invasive. … I’d really appreciate some help identifying this as I can’t find one that looks like it online anywhere. Thanks,
Brian Jones
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Hi Brian,
We thought this ground beetle resembled the Narrow Searcher, Calosoma externum, pictured on BugGuide, but that is an eastern species. We requested Eric Eaton’s assistance and he wrote back: ” Daniel: Sorry, you are way off. This is a specimen of Scaphinotus angusticollis, one of the snail-eating beetles. Very common. The protruding jaws, narrow ‘neck,’ and long, gangly legs help set the genus apart from most other ground beetles (family Carabidae). Eric “

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