Smokey Brown Cockroach Nymph

Small bugs found in house
Location: Austin , Tx
November 8, 2011 7:20 pm
Hi, I found about five of these bugs in my house ,they where mostly in a notebook that was on the floor. We live in a first floor apartment in Austin ,Tx.
Today is Nov , 8th , 2011 , there was a high of 75
degrees , it was rainy and cloudy today.
not sure if then rain could have caused them to come in the house or not.
Signature: Joe

Smoky Brown Cockroach Nymph

Dear Joe,
This is an immature Cockroach, and we believe we have correctly identified it as the nymph of a Smoky Brown Cockroach,
Periplaneta fuliginosa, which we identified on BugGuide which states:  “Early instars are black insects with characteristic white markings on the distal antenae, proximal antennae, thorax and abdomen”.

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