Smashed Assassin Bug

Subject: Weird new bug in North Texas
Location: N. Texas, DFW area
October 30, 2016 8:38 am
We found a new bug in our house and cannot identify it. The bug is green with long legs, red eyes and red bands around each leg near the “knee” and the “foot”. It has little wings (maybe it is a juvenile?) This is the best picture, missing a couple of legs and the body is a little beat up after my wife was either bit, stung, or pierced by this thing, and flung it to the ground. Thank you!
Signature: Devin

Smashed Assassin Bug
Smashed Assassin Bug

Dear Devin,
We have a difficult time tagging a submission as Unnecessary Carnage when that carnage occurred after the critter has inflicted a bite or sting on someone, but we still feel you should know that this was a beneficial, predatory Assassin Bug, and though they are considered beneficial, Assassin Bugs are capable of inflicting a painful bite if they are carelessly handled or accidentally encountered.  This immature Assassin Bug is a member of the genus

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