Small mounds of dirt: Worm Castings or Not???

Hi WTB….we have removed our lawn in the backyard and are in the process
of re-landscaping. Today, I noticed these little mounds of dirt. I seem to
recall that these might be made not by ants, but by bees. These mounds are
everywhere! We are in Eagle Rock…
Hope all is well!
Brenda Rees
Southern California Wildlife

Worm Casings???
Worm Castings???

Hi Brenda,
We do not believe these are caused by Bees.  We suspect they might be Worm Castings.  See Scotty’s Place and  News Times for similar images.  News Times states:  “The little mounds are actually earthworm castings. Recent rains have been helped plants stressed by drought, but more soil moisture and cool temperatures increased earthworm activity” and we did just have a good soaking last week.  The same image is used on Horticulture.

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