Small Milkweed Bug

On today’s hike we spotted a Small Milkweed Bug, Lygaeus kalmii, on the Anise when we were monitering the growth of the three caterpillars we saw yesterday. We brought the bug home and pulled out the digital camera with newly recharged batteries. Hogue write: “The Small Milkweed Bug is occasionally seen around the home garden where it has strayed from nearby milkweed. Although it may feed on other plants, especially those of the family Asteracea (sunflower, asters, and ragweeds), it normally feeds on the pods, stems and seeds of the milkweed. As this plant seems to be declining locally (Ed. note: in Los Angeles) in the face of human progress, the insect will not doubt become increasingly rare.”

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  1. Its February 14, 2016 and I’ve found a dozen or so of these bugs on my Milkweed plants.Small Milkweed Bug, Lygaeus kalmii,
    Your comment about these bugs you say that they like the plants, but do they eat the caterpillars ? You also mention that they are”scavengers and predators, especially in spring when milkweed seeds are scarce. They have been reported feeding on honey bees, monarch caterpillars “… Should I do anything or just let nature take it’s course ? Jean Anderson, Westminster, CA


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