Small Milkweed Bug

Subject: BUG ID
Location: Portland, oregon
June 4, 2016 1:47 pm
Hi my name is Dez, I’m almost six. We are helping with research about pollinators and are trying to find out more about them so we can keep helping them. I’m also making a blog post about them.
We saw this bug here in Portland, Oregon and can’t identify it from anything we found online. Could you help?
Thanks very much,
Signature: Dez

Small Milkweed Bug
Small Milkweed Bug

Dear Dez,
We are pleased to hear about your concern with pollinators, and it is wonderful that you will be blogging about what you learn.  This is a Small Milkweed Bug,
Lygaeus kalmii, a species that is generally found not far from its host plant, Milkweed.  According to BugGuide citing another article:  “Adults suck nectar from flowers of various herbaceous plants, and also feed on milkweed seeds(?). Also reported to be scavengers and predators, especially in spring when milkweed seeds are scarce. They have been reported feeding on honey bees, monarch caterpillars and pupae, and dogbane beetles, among others.”

Thank you so much for telling us what this bug is called and some of its features! I was so excited to get such a fast response!

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