Small Grass Cicada, we believe

Subject: Small cicada
Location: Eastern Nebraska
August 15, 2017 9:54 am
I was looking for information on small cicadas and found this post; I’m from Nebraska and was wondering if that’s what you think this might be. (Observed at the beginning of July). 2008/07/13/unknown-cicada-from-texas/
Signature: Stephanie

Possibly Small Grass Cicada

Dear Stephanie,
We believe this might be a Small Grass Cicada in the genus
Cicadetta, and according to BugGuide:  “These are small delicate cicadas often mistaken for ‘Tree/Leaf Hoppers’.  All members are less than an inch in length incl. wings.  They are variable in color from bright lime green to tan to boldly patterned with browns and/or greens.”

Thank you.  I think that southern grass cicada (cicadetta calliope) looks like it.  I’m usually able to identify “bugs” right away thanks to your site.  That one had me confused so thanks for the help. Stephanie

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