Small Eyed Sphinx and Azalea Sphinx

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Here are a few bugs I have found recently… I am especially interested in the moth with horns. Do you think there is any cosmic relevance to me finding all these random bugs in the last few months? –
Tony, Hyannis, MA.

Small Eyed Sphinx Azalea Sphinx

Hi Tony,
The “horned” moth you have photographed is a Small Eyed Sphinx, Paonias myops. In answer to your theoretical question, perhaps you are more observant and in tune with your environment now than you have been in the past. If we are able, we will downloac your other images and try to identify them, but our current mail volume does not really allow us to answer multiple identifications in a single letter. If any image is especially pressing, please send a separate description along with a single attached photograph. Thank you for understanding.
After posting your letter and responding, we were curious and opened another of your enclosed images. This is an Azalea Sphinx, Darapsa pholus (now choerilus), and as it is a moth in the same family as the One Eyed Sphinx, Sphingidae, we decided to post it as well. We shutter to think what we might find if we continue to open your attachments.

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