Small Eyed Sphinx

Subject: What is this type of moth?
Location: Marietta, Georgia
May 29, 2016 7:49 am
Hello! I found this moth years ago in my basement. It was hanging from some type of silk.. Was dead when i found her 🙁 I have never been able to identify what she was.. Could you help me? Thank you!
Signature: Hannah Johns

Small Eyed Sphinx
Small Eyed Sphinx

Dear Hannah,
This is a Small Eyed Sphinx,
Paonias myops, an identification you may verify on Sphingidae of the Americas where it states:  “Small-eyed Sphinx females call in the night flying males with an airbourne pheromone emitted from a gland at the posterior of the abdomen.  Both sexes rest with wings parallel to the resting surface, with the upper lobes of the hindwings protruding above the forewings.  The lower abdomen of the male (right) arcs upward toward the head, while the abdomen of the female hangs strait down on a vertical surface.”  The arched abdomen indicates your individual is a male.  The common name refers to the markings on the hidden underwings which are though to resemble eyes.  Since your image is a few years old, we are going to postdate your submission to go live to our site during our annual trip away from the office in early June.

Thank you so much!! How exciting to learn what *he* was after all these years. Your site is a fantastic resource, it is a wonderful thing that you all do. Thank you again, happy memorial day!
Hannah Johns

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