Small Acacia Longicorn from Australia

Subject: aussietrev tiny longicorn
Location: Queensland, Australia
February 3, 2014 9:17 pm
Hi guys,
Just came across this tiny guy, around 5/16″, while taking photos of a strange object (that I will send in another enquiry) on my cucumber vine. This guy was perched on a passionfruit leaf and it seems he might have been looking for a girlfriend. I think it is probably the Small Acacia Longicorn or a close relative, this guy seems to have much hairier antennae than those pictured on Brisbane Insects site.
Signature: aussietrev

Small Acacia Longicorn

Hi Trevor,
The markings on the elytra or wing covers of your individual are not as pronounced as either of the Small Acacia Longicorn species in the genus
Ancita in the tribe Ancitini that are pictured on the Brisbane Insect Website.  We wonder if you have yet a different species in the same genus, or perhaps in an entirely different genus.  It has long been the bane of the taxonomist that there is so much variation within some species that it is quite common to have different individuals from different locations identified as different species.  Sadly, we do not have the entomological skills necessary to make an exact species identification here.  According to BushCraftOz there is  “some variation.”  There are also some photos on Insects of Tasmania.

Small Acacia Longicorn
Small Acacia Longicorn

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