Subject: Creature from Italy
Location: Rome (Italy)
December 29, 2012 5:07 am
Hi bugman,
My sister found this creature on her balcony. Looks like a slug, but I have never seen one with this head. It looks like an alligator or a dragon.
Do you know what this is?
Thank you, as always, for your help!
Signature: Saverio


Hi Saverio,
You should have trusted your instincts.  This really is a Slug, and we are very curious how it got up to your sister’s balcony as they like to maintain contact with damp earth.  We love the Happy New Year greeting.

Location: Italy

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  1. Susan J. Hewitt says:

    This poor slug looks to have died from severe desiccation. I am assuming that during a damp or rainy night it may have crawled out from soil in a plant pot or a planter, and then been stranded and become dried out during the following sunny day. What appear to be dragon’s nostrils are the retracted eyestalks. This may have been a Deroceras species, but it is hard to tell now.

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