Slug Caterpillar from South Sudan

Subject: caterpillar?
Location: South Sudan, Jonglei State
September 23, 2014 11:58 pm
I’ve found this bug in the Sudd of South Sudan (Jonglei State) which looks similar to a slug caterpillar.
But below (if I remember well) there were no legs, rather it was smooth like a snail.
Has this animal been identified and named yet?
Gregor Schmidt
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Slug Caterpillar
Slug Caterpillar

Dear Gregor,
We agree that this looks like a Slug Caterpillar in the family Limacodidae.  We will attempt to provide you with a species name.

December 13, 2014
Hello Daniel,
thanks for your personal answer.
Will you still provide a scientific name?
If the name is a “slug” caterpillar, does that mean that they don’t have legs like reals slugs?

Gracious Gregor,
You must have very slow internet access in South Sudan if our response took three months to reach you.  We have not had any luck with a species identification, but our family identification of Limacodidae stands.  Like other caterpillars, Slug Caterpillars have real legs and prolegs.  Though it is a different species, we have a ventral view of a North American Monkey Slug to demonstrate how small the legs on a Slug Moth Caterpillar appear.

you are right that internet access is not easy to get in South Sudan, at least in the remote area where I live. I am a German Catholic priest and work in the countryside for most of the year. My location is Old Fangak in Fangak County (Jonglei State) which can be found with Google earth. The picture was taken about 10 km north-east of Old Fangak in August 2012. After that, I never saw the animal again. Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph the belly to see its legs.
Currently, we are in the focus because of the civil war. I live among the rebels and the government may attack us during the dry season.
Thanks for your quick answer. My next internet access will be in January.

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