Skipper Caterpillar

Subject: caterpillar
Location: Clay City Indiana
June 17, 2013 8:46 am
Found this making a cocoon on a black locust tree. The head is almost separate and lools like two big eyes.
Signature: JS

Skipper Caterpillar
Skipper Caterpillar

I found it in a book by looking up the host plant and checking for pests.  it is a skipper larvae.  Not too interested in which one 🙂  just trying to decide if it was good or bad.
Thanks!!!!!  Love the website as always.

Skipper Caterpillar
Skipper Caterpillar

Dear Jana,
We are happy you identified your Skipper Caterpillar without our assistance.  Our research indicates it is most likely a Silver Spotted Skipper,
Epargyreus clarus, and BugGuide indicates:  “Caterpillar eats foliage of leguminous plants, including locust trees, wisteria, alfalfa, and stick-tights.”  This is an underrepresented caterpillar on our site and your photos are greatly welcomed. 

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