Sketch of Sphinx leucopheata caterpillar by Dr. Bostjan Dvorak

Subject:  Sphinx leucopheata caterpillar by Prema
Geographic location of the bug:  Lago Atitlán
Date: 06/19/2019
Time: 05:01 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Dear Prema, dear Daniel,
Many Thanks for Your nice replies. – I am attaching my sketch of this caterpillar type on the plant leaves from 2016; maybe they are similar to those of the plant on (resp. under) which You found Your caterpillar; maybe an ash species (Fraxinus, Oleaceae) or a Bignoniaceae-member like Tecoma stans (with plenty of yellow tubular blossoms), a tree from the Trumpet-tree-family.  Thank You again for sharing, and have a great celebration!
Best from Berlin,
How you want your letter signed:  Dr. Bostjan Dvorak

Sketch of Sphinx leucopheata by Dr. Bostjan Dvorak

Dear Bostjan,
Thanks so much for providing us with your sketch of this rare Hornworm.  Daniel adjusted the levels to saturate the image a bit to improve its appearance on the internet.  Thanks again for your assistance in identifying Prema’s Hornworm from Guatemala as
Sphinx leucopheata.

Sphinx leucopheata image by Prema

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