Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

Tiger Beetle
May 20, 2010
Hi Daniel,
I ran across this beautiful fellow this morning. Had a long lens on the camera so I was able to circle it for photos. I went closer for a better look because I thought it had something in it’s mouth. Unable to get very close, it went from sitting to “warp” speed, in less then a blink it was out of sight. I have “fished” the larva from their holes in the ground and it is hard for me to even imagine such an ugly larva turning into one of these beautiful beetles. (color not his face) Never really looked at one of these before and had no idea what it was…Thanks to you and your website I took the time for a good look and was able to identify it. Thank you once again.
North Middle Tennessee

Six Spotted Tiger Beetle

Dear Richard,
Letters like yours are the reason we love working on What’s That Bug? so much.  Your personal perspective, vivid descriptions and gorgeous photos are a marvelous addition to our website.

Six Spotted Tiger Beetle
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