Six Spotted Fishing Spider

Spider in Ohio
Well we have been finding spiders in the house lately and came here to find out what they are. Turns out they are wolf spiders…. Oh joy … NOT lol I must say I am NOT a fan of spiders. More the fact I am scared to death of them. Even coming to this site was very hard to do. lol But seeing I am here I wanted to asked you about one we saw in Meigs County in Ohio. At the end of a parking lot of a motel we stayed at there is a swampy area with cat tails and the sort. I saw some bird flying around a big puddle in the parking lot. When I went to see what they were looking at, I saw a spider. It was completly underwater and moving to the edge quickly. Size wise I guess I would say with legs included around 2 inches or so. I am sending a picture of it which shows the marking pretty good …Well as good as I could get with not wanting to get to close. Yes ME taking a picture of a spider. Guess it impressed me. lol

This is a Six Spotted Fishing Spider, Dolomedes triton. These amazing spiders are associated with wetlands, and they are capable of spending periods of time underwater, either to escape predators, like birds, or to catch prey, including small fish.

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