Bug problem
Location: Minnesota
January 12, 2012 9:22 pm
Hi, there is a bug that my fiance and I have seen in our apartment a few different times now. We’ve lived here since November and spotted it originally the first week we were here. Then we haven’t seen it since then, until today (1/12/12). We saw one crawling on the wall in the bedroom and took a picture of it then attempted to smash it, except it escaped under the carpet. Then a little bit later (probably 10 minutes) we saw what appeared to be a smaller (maybe a baby?) version of the same bug crawling on the same wall. So I’m hoping you can help identify what it is and if we should be concerned about an infestation or anything else. Thank you.
Signature: Jeremy W


Hi Jeremy,
You may have a Silverfish problem.  They are household pests that eat a wide variety of organic items in the home including the glue in book bindings and wall paper.  Interestingly, when we tried to name your photo, we found that last January we received an email from someone named Jeremy who moved into a new apartment with his wife and found they had Silverfish.  Coincidence or not?  We wonder.

That was not me last January, but interesting coincidence. So what do I do about a silverfish problem?

Hi again Jeremy,
We do not give extermination advice, however,  it is our understanding that they are extremely difficult to eradicate.

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