Help identifying a bug
I attached a pic of the bug that has been plaguing my room. I found 8 huge ones around and under my bed (about 2″ long), and have found several smaller (0.5″) to bigger (1 – 2″) ones randomly in other parts of my room and in boxes. Could you please help me to identify it, and if so would you know any way to keep them from coming back? Thanks!

Hi Kym,
This is probably the most beautiful image of a Silverfish we have ever seen. If we could tell you how to eradicate the Silverfish from your home, we would be fabulously wealthy. They are found in dark warm places, and can squeeze through tiny places. They are found inside walls as well. They are generally considered household pests as they will eat starchy substances, including book bindings, fabric and wallpaper glue. They will also eat many food products including sugar, flour and cereals.

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