What the Bugg
Location: South western Ontario, Canada
January 4, 2011 8:28 pm
I have been seeing this bug in may apartment lately and he is very fast.This time i managed to catch one and get these pictures. i tend to see them in the bathroom more often then other rooms. I am hoping you guys can help me figure out what he is. I live in southern Ontario if that helps! If you have any questions or want further pictures i have tons. Hoping you can help!
thanks in advance.
Signature: Ashley


Hi Ashley,
This common household intruder is a Silverfish, a nocturnal, omnivorous forager that is generally found in dark damp places like under the sink.  It will feed on a wide variety of household items including the starch on wallpaper and book bindings.  Once they are established, they can be very difficult to eradicate.

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