White bug in my kitchen
January 4, 2010
I went to make spaghetti this afternoon and when i reached for my pot this little fellow was walking around inside. I’m all for exotic foods, but this was just a little much. I live in California, so my first thought was some kind of cockroach, but i couldn’t find one that looks like this. I’m just really curious what this little guy is – please help out!
Sorry for the picture, My Cell phone is the only camera around right now.
No Bugs For Me


Dear No Bugs For Me,
While the way you signed your letter suggest an unrealistic world view, we will admit that the Silverfish in your photo is an inhabitant you probably do not want reproducing in your home unchecked.  They are considered household pests whose diet, according to BugGuide, is:  “omnivorous: starchy foods, cereals, moist wheat flour, glue on book bindings and wallpaper, starch in clothing made of cotton or rayon fabric; outdoor individuals eat lichens.

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