Silver Spotted Skipper

Subject: Can you identify?
Location: kansas city
July 17, 2016 8:49 pm
I’m submitting two pictures.
can you identify the orange bug
feeding on the milkweed? The other picture I’m thinking is either a month or a butterfly?
Thank you for your time 🙂
Signature: Julie

Silver Spotted Skipper
Silver Spotted Skipper

Dear Julie,
When we receive a single request with multiple species, we generally split them apart for classification purposes.  We will only be posting your image of a Silver Spotted Skipper,
Epargyreus clarus, which according to BugGuide:  “is one of the most conspicuous skippers, partly because of its size and partly because of its distinct silvery markings, which show while the insect rests. The caterpillars hide all day in silken nests among foliage, emerging to feed at night. There is one generation a year in the North; two or more in the South.”  Though classified as a butterfly, most naturalists recognize that Skippers also possess many characteristics of moths.  Your other image is of an Ailanthus Webworm Moth.

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