Silver Garden Spider

Crazy Spider in San Diego
Hi Bugman,
Here’s a unique spider I found in my yard in San Diego California about 10 miles inland from the coast. Serra Mesa to be exact area code 92123. I’ve never seen anything like it with the bumps or ridges on its abdomen. What is this and is it poisonous? Thanks,

Hi Chris,
Your spider is a Silver Garden Spider, Argiope argentata. This species can be found in California, the gulf states and the southern U.S. as well as points south into Mexico, Central and South America. All spiders have poison, but the vast majority of them pose no threat to humans. Either the spiders are too small, their jaws will not puncture the skin, or the poison is too weak to cause more than a local reaction similar to a mosquito bite. The Silver Garden Spider is not considered to be a threat to humans. According to Wikipedia: “The bite can be stingy and itchy during the first approximate hour, then the pain usually passes away. However, it may have several health repercussions on children, seniors and physically weak people. “

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  1. At a local wetlands preserve my daughter and I had been admiring an enormous silver garden spider for several weeks, and found it had expired yesterday. My daughter (who is 5) even had a little cry for her. She loves insects and other wildlife. The old gal we’d been observing was probably over 3 inches long from leg-tip to leg-tip, and had even increased in size during the time we observed her. She lived out her last days getting fat and happy on the insects of Oso Bay.


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