Short Winged Katydid

Subject: What kind of insect is this?
Location: Texas
October 5, 2016 2:19 pm
I need to know what is this?
Signature: Rebecca

Short Winged Katydid
Short Winged Katydid

Dear Rebecca,
We found a very similar image on the Austin Bug Blog that is identified as a female Spoon-tailed Short-winged Katydid,
Dichopetala catinata, where it states:  “Females can be almost all green or have extensive dark markings down their back. I’m not sure if it might be a maturity thing, as the final nymph instar is almost as big as an adult female, and the fact that the wings are mere stubs doesn’t help distinguish a fully mature individual. Besides lacking flight wings, these heavy-bodied katydids do not even seem to use their legs much for jumping, and instead tend to move slowly and rely on camouflage for protection. ”  We verified that identification on BugGuide.  We are confident that the genus is correct, but we cannot say for certain that it isn’t another member in the genus.

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