Shining Leaf Chafer: Which Cotalpa species is it???

Large Beetle
Location: Western Colorado
June 5, 2011 11:16 am
Found this fairly large (1 1/4”) beetle on sagebrush in Loma Colorado. Area is high desert, 5,269 in elevation. Very striking yellow and orange leg colors. Have been looking for ID on internet, but really can’t find it. Any idea what this pretty beetle is?
Signature: Sage Hen

Shining Leaf Chafer: Cotalpa species

Dear Sage Hen,
This is one of the Shining Leaf Chafers in the genus Cotalpa, but several species look quite similar.  We believe it might be
Cotalpa flavida which is represented on BugGuide from Utah and Nevada though on the genus page on BugGuide, it is listed as Arizona and California. Cotalpa subcribrata is listed from Colorado, however, BugGuide does not have any images of it.  An Eastern Species that is reported as far west as Texas and Nebraska on BugGuide is Cotalpa lanigera, the Goldsmith Beetle, which is believed to be the Gold Bug from Edgar Allen Poe fame.

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