Little Bear: Paracotalpa ursina

beetle:  handsome, carrizo plain on phacelia
May 2, 2010
so, if you are still speaking to me… 🙂
Clare Marter Kenyon

Paracotalpa ursina

Hi Clare,
Julian Donahue informed us yesterday at Janet’s going away party that you sent him a photo of this lovely Shining Leaf Chafer, which is why we gave you a hard time about not sending it to What’s That Bug?  It is Paracotalpa ursina, and BugGuide has a marvelous image of a mating pair also photographed on the Carrizo Plain, and it appears that they are also on phacelia.  CalPhotos, which you mentioned during our conversation at Janet’s party, calls it the Little Bear, a reference to the species name due to the hairiness of the beetle.

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