Shield Bugs in Decorative Mounting

Subject:  Pretty Mystery Beetles
Geographic location of the bug:  Unknown
Date: 05/11/2018
Time: 12:32 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  A friend who is a collector was gifted this by a friend, and before I go on, I just want to specify that the friend who collects always makes sure the creatures died naturally, or humanely if not naturally (ie severely deformed & no quality of life, euthanized humanely etc), and is an animal lover, but as this was gifted to him, he is unsure of its origins in this instance, but I hope that does not dissuade you from identifying these fascinatingly beautiful beetles if possible…
How you want your letter signed:  Pam

Shield Bugs in decorative Mounting

Dear Pam,
These are not beetles.  They are Shield Bugs in the order Scutellaridae.  Without a country of origin, it will be difficult to determine an exact species, but they do resemble the individual in this FlickR posting that be believe was taken in Portugal.  The decorative presentation is reminiscent of Victorian displays.

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