Shield Bug from Singapore

Subject:  Bug with distinct markings
Geographic location of the bug:  Singapore
Date: 10/31/2017
Time: 09:46 PM EDT
This bug flew into my room in the late evening. It is a pretty bug with distinct markings. Any idea what is it? Thanks!
How you want your letter signed:  YT

Shield Bug

Dear YT,
We quickly identified your Shield Bug as
Cantao ocellatus thanks to the Bugs and Insects of Singapore site where it states:  “They are often found on the native plant, balek angin, Mallotus paniculatus.  I had seen this colourful shield bug twice, at the forest edge of Rifle Range Road and a canal in Jurong Woods.”  The species is also pictured on iNaturalist and on Macau Biodiversity where it states:  “Shield bug, reddish or ochre in color with variable number of black or yellow spots and a dark with metallic sheen stripe along the central line of the head. The legs and antennae are also blueish-green with metallic sheen. It can be found on the top of trees, such as Malottus paniculatus.”

Dear Bugman,
Thank you so much for the prompt reply!
Best wishes,
Yueat Tin

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