Shield Bug from China

Tye Dye Colored Beetles
Location: Southern Yunnan, China
December 19, 2011 7:59 pm
Bugman what is this bug! I’ve never quite seen anything like it before, I’m hoping someone here has so they can help me identify it. I was walking through the rice paddies in southern Yunnan province, China when these beetles caught my eye. Bright pink and violet with tye dye looking spots. I know pretty much nothing about beetles so as far as my description of them goes, I hope the pictures are enough. They were found in the mountains, maybe a mountain tropical environment. Help me bugman!
Signature: erin

Jewel Bugs

Hi Erin,
We tried unsuccessfully to identify your species of Shield Bug from the family Scutelleridae, a group sometimes called Jewel Bugs because of their bright often metallic coloration.  We searched using both common names and the family name, and we were unable to find a match for your distinctly colored species.  Perhaps it has not been documented with photographs on the internet because of its remote location.  The Brisbane Insectwebsite has some good information and photographs of relatives from Australia. 

Jewel Bug

All of your photos show Jewel Bugs on similar leaves, perhaps the food plant.  If we were able to identify the plant, it might help in the identification of your Jewel Bugs.

Jewel Bug

Thanks so much for the info.  Being the bad beetle photographer that I am, or at least not thinking about what plant they were on at the time I took these photographs, I had moved the bugs to be on that specific plant.  It was better than where one beetle was, on the ground walking past some animal scat.  So I’m afraid the plant won’t help.  But thanks so much for letting me know it’s a jewel bug of the Shield bug family.  I really appreciate your help.

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