Shield Bug from China

Back to the future bug
Location:  Yunnan, China
December 4, 2012
Hello Bugman!
I encountered this fabulous neon hemipteran while doing a Habitat build in Yunnan, China near Pu’er. My guess was it’s some kind of shield bug but wanted your expert opinion and maybe a species name. I feel like it should be something like Cyndii lauperesqueae.
Marian Lyman Kirst

Shield Bug is a nice Insect Accessory

Dear Marian,
We agree that this is a Shield Bug, but our initial internet search did not turn up any matches.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to assist in a species identification.  We are obsessed with the complimentary color scheme of your nail polish and the Shield Bug, so we have tagged this posting as a Buggy Accessory.  In the future, please use our standard submission form as it makes our posting life so much easier.

Possible Identification Courtesy of Karl
December 14, 2012
Hi Daniel and Marian:
This one may be a toss-up. I thought I had it when I came across several photos of Poecilocoris sp. and Poecilocoris rufigenis that appeared to be a close match. Further digging, however, turned up numerous images of the Giant Jewel Bug (Eucorysses grandis) that looked just as good. The latter species is wide spread in Asia, occurring in at least Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Java. I believe Eucorysses grandis is the currently accepted name but it also shows up under the synonyms Cimex grandis and Chrysocoris grandis. If I had to choose I would probably go with Eucorysses grandis as the correct identification, but I can’t be certain. Regards.  Karl

Thanks for the research Karl.

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