Shield-Backed Katydid from Otok Hvar

Location: Otok Hvar
June 18, 2016 7:31 am
I have got as far as identifying this bug as a Shieldback Katydid, probably a female, but I am unable to find any photo on line or in my books of anything which is remotely similar in colouring. I wonder if you have any ideas pleas?
Thank you
Signature: Norman Woollons

Shieldback Katydid:
Shield-Backed Katydid:  Eupholidoptera chabrieri schmidti

Subject: I’ve identified the Katydid Bug!
June 19, 2016 2:10 am
I emailed you yesterday with a photo of a Shieldback Katydid that I found, with the vivid yellow head stripe.  I received your automated reply at 16:31.
After a lot more online research, I have now identified it so don’t worry about trying yourselves.  It is a Eupholidoptera chabrieri schmidti, and is native to the Adriatic coast.
Signature: Norman Woollons

Dear Norman,
We are very happy you were able to identify your Shield-backed Katydid, and we want to thank you for following up with us so that we can create a posting.  We were away from the office and we are trying to respond to over a week’s worth of identifications that arrived in our absence as well as requests that have come in since our return.  We had to  research your location and we learned that Otok Hvar is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea.  The Encyclopedia of Life also has an image of this subspecies and Patio Door has some wonderful images.

Hi Daniel
Thanks for the email and the two links.  I wasn’t aware of those websites.  Yes, my home is a beautiful island in the warm Adriatic where I have a small fruit farm which borders the Maquis, hence I get all sorts of interesting insects.
Know exactly what you mean about the inbox when you come back from holidays!
Kindest regards

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