Subject: Numerous pests
Location: Mexico, Guerrerero State
December 2, 2015 2:03 pm
These seem to suck sap and shoot out a droplet of water every second or so. Not sure what they are but they keep the praying mantis busy.
Signature: JR

Sharpshooter: Oncometopia clarior

Sharpshooter: Oncometopia species

Dear JR,
This is a Leafhopper known as a Sharpshooter from the subfamily Cicadellinae, and it really resembles a North American species pictured on BugGuide,
Oncometopia alpha, except your individual has a green thorax.  We searched for relatives from Mexico and we found Oncometopia clarior on entomologist Daniela M. Takiya’s site.  The green wings on your individual haven’t quite the textural pattern, but it is similar enough for us to presume your individual is in the same genus.  Sharpshooters do indeed suck fluids from plants and they also release honeydew from their anal opening.

Location: Guerrerero, Mexico

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