Shamrock Orbweaver

Subject: spotted and striped Spider
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
October 2, 2015 5:40 am
My sister moved the dog’s dish on my Parent’s Acreage right out side Edmonton, Alberta and came across this Red abdomen Spider(? It does appear to have eight legs) with striped legs. We’ve lived at this house for 20 years and never seen anything like this
Searching Google we think it’s either a American house Spider or a spotted Orbweaver? However none seem to match the bright red colour.
Please help us what’s that Bug!
Signature: Sonya, Heebee Jeebied out but curious

Shamrock Orbweaver
Shamrock Orbweaver

Dear Sonya,
We believe this is most likely a Shamrock Orbweaver,
Araneus trifolium, a highly variable species that is sometimes found in this color pattern as this image on BugGuide indicates.  Like other Orbweavers, the Shamrock Orbweaver is considered harmless.

I’d have to agree! Thank you for your Quick response!!!
I’ve been a huge Fan of Whatsthatbug for about 10 years now! Keep up the good work!

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