Subject: Can’t find a match for this little guy
Location: Cypress, TX
August 5, 2012 12:38 pm
It was a milkweed assassin that got me more and more curious to start identifying the little critters I come across, after I was pulling weeds one day. Felt a sharp sting out of nowhere, and it seems I wasn’t paying enough attention – the bright orange little guy let me know he was there for sure!
Anyway, on to today’s find – and I can’t find out what he is! I actually caught him crawling on my back, inside the house. Not quite sure where I picked him up, but he seemed happy enough to just go along for the ride.
Signature: Brian in Cypress, TX

Sesbania Clown Weevil

Hi Brian,
We had to do quite a bit of digging before we were able to identify this weevil on BugGuide as
Sudiagogus rosenschoeldi, a species with no common name that belongs to a genus that BugGuide calls the Sesbania Clown Weevils.

Location: Texas

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