Senna Sulphur

Subject: Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly?
Location: Coryell County, Texas
November 21, 2013 11:42 am
Is this a female Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly?
Bug Guide reference:
I don’t understand the clouded/cloudless designation differences.
I planted more of the Autumn Sage this fall; it’s a butterfly magnet, and a drought-resistant native plant.
Signature: Ellen

Senna Sulphur
Senna Sulphur

Hi again Ellen,
BugGuide sometimes explains the meaning of the name, but in the case of the Cloudless Sulphur, they do not.  Charles Hogue, in his book Insects of the Los Angeles Basin, referred to this species,
Phoebis sennae, as the Senna Sulphur, which is a reference to the food plant of the caterpillar.  We always thought that “cloudless” referred to the male of the species having no markings. 

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