Sea Slater in Oakland Airport

what type of bug is this i found?
March 5, 2010
hi i found this bug 2 nights ago at the oakland airport in california in the building. it is very fast and has 14 legs 7 on each side and 2 feeler things in the front and what look like 2 legs that stick stright out of the back but it looks like both of them have 2 long spikes (forming the shape of a v) on each of th e2 legs it also has 2 big black eyes in the front of it.
it is pictured inside of a soda bottle (i had to get it back out side before some one killed it) .
oakland california

Sea Slater

Hi Nick,
This is a Sea Slater or Rock Louse, Ligia occidentalis.  There are photos on the UC Irvine natural history website.  It is normally found on beaches with rocky shores.  It might have stowed away on the belongings of a tourist who spent time at the shore before catching a plane.

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