Sea Spider

Subject: Arachnid??
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November 19, 2016 11:35 pm
Hello bugman(s), I came across this extra freaky close up of what seems to be a spider? I’ve never seen anything like it. Maybe you can help me out with identifying this thing!
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Sea Creature: Real or Imagined???
Sea Creature: Real or Imagined???

Dear However,
In our opinion, this is a Sea Creature, but we cannot say for certain if it is real or imagined.  We found it posted to the Russian SubScribe.RU site along with nothing but amazing images of undersea Invertebrates, but you have to scroll way down to see it.  If this is a living creature, and we don’t have a reason other than our own suspicions that it is not a living creature, then we suppose it must be a Crustacean.  We do not want to eliminate the possibility that this is a special effects, sci-fi creation using digital manipulation software.

Correction:  Sea Spider
We received a link from Stoney indicating that this is a Sea Spider in the Arthropod subphylum Chelicerata, order Pantopoda.  So they are neither Crustaceans nor are they Arachnids.  We also located the attached image, obviously pilfered from the internet, credited to Alexander Semenov’s FlickRiver site.

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