Location: Bristol Texas
October 23, 2010 10:08 pm
I found a bug, that has a large snout with burs on the end, 4 black and yellow striped wings, a red abdomen that is very narrow with pinchers at the end of it, that it curls up and when threatened, sends it up over it wings past its head. the wings are seperate from each other, but in rest the wings lay on top of each other so it looks like there are only two. i don’t have a good picture, but I could send one to a direct email. Thak you for your help, nobody I’ve asked can identify it.
Signature: Jennifer Moffitt


Hi Jennifer,
Despite its name and appearance, the Scorpionfly is a perfectly harmless creature.


Hmmm. Thank you. What a perfectly fitting name.

2 thoughts on “Scorpionfly”

  1. I’m trying to send you a scorpionfly picture I just took on the rock wall of our house (in Austin, TX). I had no idea what it was until I found it on your site. It’s a male and was curling its tail up like a scorpion, so we wanted to check. The picture is clearer than most on your site and shows the pinchers.

    • We would love to receive you photo. Do not use the comment form. Instead use the identification request form and please put Scorpionfly in the subject line.


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