Scorpion from South Africa

Subject: What’s That Scorpion
Location: Edenvale, Gauteng, South Africa
December 9, 2013 1:00 am
Hi What’s That Bug,
I’ve got another one for you. This time a scorpion.
Would you know what kind of scorpion this is? We get quite a few of them in the house during summer. Fattish tail, thin pincers. Not especially aggressive. They come in mostly at night and walk across the floor. They sometimes make their way upstairs.
Again, not fantastic pictures; my phone’s camera doesn’t seem to behave well at night. But the color you see in the pics is pretty much the color these scorpions are.
Thanks a lot.
Signature: Warren


Hi Warren,
We do not recognize your Scorpion.  We have read as a generalization that Scorpions with small pincers depend more upon their venom, and they tend to have more poisonous stings.

4 thoughts on “Scorpion from South Africa”

    • Thanks. I suppose it looks a bit Centruroides, though C. tend to have more right-angle-ish tail segments than this one, don’t they? I don’t think its carrying eggs. They all seem to look like this 🙂 with the fleshy abdomen, even the juveniles.


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