Scorpion Chicago Native? WE DON'T THINK SO!!!

Scorpion Pictures
we found this scorpion yesterday here at work. We get alot of stuff from Asia, but not tropical regions. We are in Chicago Illinois, so I know that this would die here right? Do you know what this one is or where it would come from? Is he venemous? Anything would be nice, cuz right now we have him in a tupperware container with a hole in the top not knowing what to do with him…did someone plant him as a joke, or is he really from Asia? He is about 3 – 4 inches long….totally black from what I can see….hope you can determine something from this…

Hi Heidi,
This is most assuredly not a Chicago native. We believe this to be an African Black Scorpion in the genus Pandinus. We found this information on a scorpion collector’s website: “African Emperor Scorpion (Pandinus imperator) WC adults 4″, $15 each These beautiful jet black scorpions are also, pound for pound one of the largest. Gentile in nature for the most part making them ideal pet specimans that rarely sting, and posseses mild venom. These have been a staple scorpion hobby species for many years, and a must for beginners looking for a great start in keeping scorpions. Very cool scorpion! ” In answer to your question about it being planted as a joke: WE THINK SO.

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