Subject: What is this scorpion?
Location: Sandia Park, NM
July 10, 2017 10:04 pm
We keep finding these in our new house at night. I am a bit worries as I have an older small-ish Sheltie and two very curious short-haired cats. I know poisonous scorpions are rare and mainly just hurt like heck. Can you tell what kind of scorpion this is? It was found in our home in Sandia Park, NM, between Albuquerque and Santa Fe at just shy of 7,000 ft on 7/6/17 at about 10pm.
We caught and released it (and want to be sure it is not wildly silly to do so). We are moving into their neighborhood and would like to live peacefully together but I am concerned about the pets and what we should do.
Many thanks again!
Signature: Kzrivera


Dear Kzrivera,
Your individual looks similar to what we believe is an Eastern Sand Scorpion from Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, that we just posted.  We are tagging this posting with the Bug Humanitarian Award because of your capture and release policy.

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  1. I saw one of these in my house the other day and killed it. I live north of Sandia Park NM. It’s much smaller than scopians that I’ve seen. Between an inch or two. My concern is whether it’s poisonous. I just brought my Chihuahua home from the vet. They say he has a fever of unknown origin.


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