Scentless Plant Bug Nymph

Subject:  Ladybug like insect
Geographic location of the bug:  Northern Virginia
Date: 10/02/2017
Time: 06:35 PM EDT
We can’t seem to find this bug anywhere, any help identifying it would be appreciated
How you want your letter signed:  DBrown

Scentless Plant Bug nymph: Niesthrea louisianica

Dear DBrown,
Thanks for sending larger images.  This is an immature
Niesthrea louisianica, a Scentless Plant Bug in the family Rhopalidae with no common name.  They are often found feeding on Rose of Sharon.

Thanks so much, several of us didn’t have any luck finding it online even tried google image search. Your book link takes me to Amazon, do you have your own store you sell them through?

Alas, What’s That Bug? is not selling Daniel’s book The Curious World of Bugs.

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