Scent and the Power of Pheromones: Fiery Skippers

Hi again Daniel,
Here’s a shot of a couple of fiery skippers engaged in who knows what. I’m assuming the male on the right is checking the female to see if she is ready to mate. I never saw any mating going on. The female worked her way around the flower stopping now and then to vibrate her abdomen and wings with the male close behind. I’ve been seeing this behavior for several days and finally was able to get a shot of it. Photographed in Atlanta, GA on 8/6/05.
Bill DuPree
Atlanta, GA

Hi again Bill,
Your images are always such a treat. All you have to do is look and the money we spend on perfumes and colognes to know that scent is an aphrodesiac. Your Fiery Skippers are relying on natural pheromones as an aphrodesiac.

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